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London is the one of the favourite destinations of many youngsters who look for living abroad to gain work experience or to improve on their English skills. It is considered a very dynamic city with a growing economy that offer opportunities for all even after March 2019 when the UK leaves the European Union. In London, unemployment levels are really low and only those who don't want to work won’t find a job.
London Stay UK specialises in job search support for those who don’t have any work experience yet or cannot speak English fluently in the hospitality sector (restaurants, clubs., bars, pubs, coffee shops, etc.)
London Stay UK can also support those who are looking for a job in different sectors other than hospitality.

Trying to find accommodation in a youth hostel and hand out CVs in restaurant simply does not work for two reasons:
1. Hostels are much more expensive than a shared accommodation. Moreover, with the new laws, you must show proof of address to get you NIN and youth hostels cannot work as such.
2. If you hand out your CV to restaurants you might find not so lawful employers qho try to take advantage from you, not paying you the minimum wage or not giving you a lawful work contract.
- Time is money! In London time is money, you must take this expression really seriously if you want to succeed. London is one of the most expensive capitals in Europe and even of the world. Finding a job as soon as possible must be your priority number one bearing this in mind.

London Stay UK makes this long and painful process into an easy and enjoyable experience thanks to our professional and experienced team. London Stay UK works with a wide range of restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, bars and pubs that have been carefully selected by our experienced team and that are subject to an ongoing monitoring for your peace of mind.

Our Premium Package prepares you for work interviews and to learn about work life in London. London Stay UK provides guidance, support and arranges interviews for you, however, we cannot guarantee you a job post when you purchase one of our packages.

With our Premium Service we take care of all of this for you!

Prior to your arrival date, we’ll offer you accommodation. You can choose from
- Shared house/ flat in London zones 1, 2 and 3.
- Accommodation at a family’s house in London zones 1, 2, 3 and 4.
- Private apartment in London zones 1 or 2.

On the day of your arrival, we’ll offer you support to arrive to our office. Once you arrive you’ll get your own UK sim card and we’ll help you get the best mobile offer. You’ll check in after this. The day after, you’ll come to our office and we’ll start to translate and adapt your CV. We’ll give you interview preparation and simulation in English, this way we’ll understand your level of English better and will understand your profile to a deeper level. After, we’ll start to put your CV forward for different job vacancies. We will arrange an appointment to get your National Insurance Number.
We’ll open a free bank account for you so you can get paid through this UK account. Employers cannot pay in cash or via a foreign bank account. We’ll organise a daily job interview for you until you find a job.
Thanks to our wide range of contacts, last year more than the 80% of our customers found a job within the first seven days after their arrival.
Hospitality is often the starting point for many, and after a few years of being in London, they attempt to work and progress within their professional fields. You can also apply to get information about looking for work in other sector other than hospitality that meet your expectations better.
You will be supported during your job hunt process and to understand your work contract if you need it and to register with your local GP (General Practice/ doctor). You will be informed of free language exchange events that you can attend to expand your knowledge of English and during the first three months we’ll support with any questions or difficulties you face, after this period, you might not need our help any more.


Our consultants are fluent in various languages, we can attend your requests and question in your mother tongue!
Contact us on 0044 (0) 207 226 2600 If you prefer for us to give you a call > London Stay UK can give you a call payment method

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