Studio Accommodation

Studio accommodation is the most popular solution among those moving to London. The local property market offers a wide range of choices able to meet and satisfy different individual needs, especially for workers, students or people doing both.

This type of accommodation is ideal for those yet unsure about the time they will be spending in London; furthermore, we should not forget to mention conveniency as they will also make your wallet happy.

London Stay UK lets you choose and book your studio apartment among several different types. Halls of residence offer a large variety of room options as: single or double rooms; with shared or private bathroom; self-catering or with meals provided. They are usually located between zones 1 and 3. Wi-fi connection is always available although in some cases you might be charged an extra small fee. All bills are included in the accommodation price.

Residence accommodation is an excellent opportunity – if not the best and most recommended – for those looking to stay in London just a couple of weeks as they offer a young, dynamic and multicultural environment.

Residences are comparable to hotels; however, they provide access not only to a common area but also to the kitchen.

Furthermore, no deposit is required and you can stay for just one week.


Room type Prices Zone 1,2 & 3
Studio Apartment for one person From £350 per person per week
Studio Apartment for a couple From £225 per person per week

To look for work in London and / or attend English courses, please see our dedicated pages: Job Search and English Courses.


* images and prices are purely indicative.

** This type of accommodation is available with one of the following packages: Basic, Basic & School, Premium, Premium & School.