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Public transport in London

London Stay UK - Come funziona il trasporto pubblico a Londra?

One of London’s flagships is its public transportation system.

Its underground network, which entered service in 1863, is among the oldest in the world and with an extension of 240 km, divided among its 11 lines, each year carries more than 1,200 billion passengers.

The underground, or “tube”, covers almost the entire city subdividing it into zones. It goes from zone 1 to zone 9.

The cost of the tube ticket can be calculated on the Trasport for London (TfL) website where, by entering the departure station and the destination station, the price of the single journey is shown considering the various areas.

A day ticket covers the price of all areas, but if you use an Oyster card with a pay-as-you-go plan, it will charge the price of a single ride (which varies from zone to zone).

The buses (the red two-story buses), unlike the tube, do not consider the zones for the fare calculation but pay the single fare of £ 1.50 (price for 2015). So, if to get to your destination you must take two buses, the cost will be £ 3.00. Unless you have a day ticket or a metro or bus pass.

Since last summer it is no longer possible to pay the ticket on the bus, but if you have a contactless credit card you can use it instead of buying an Oyster card and then reload it.

However, if you have an Oyster card and your credit is not enough, TfL provides an emergency credit to facilitate your return home.

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